Master Class: Hacking the Library (and unconference)

In its most positive sense, hacking refers to the playful solving of a problem by understanding it as part of a system.

We can hack libraries, in the most positive sense, by learning to give up traditional actities and by allowing ourselves to play, to develop new understandings of how libraries can creatively serve and lead in our community ecosystems.

At this very sweet spot, we are limited only by our imaginations.


Setting up (8:00 to 9:00 AM)

Who are you? (Are you a hacker?)

1. Hacking/Sweetspots

Morning tea (10:30 AM)

2. Hacking/Sweetspots

Lunch (12:30)

Conversation strand 1

Afternoon tea (2:30)

Unconference (continued)

Take-aways (3:45)